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Fractional & Virtual HR Support

We make your ongoing HR tasks a snap!  


What Can We Do For You?

We provide a wide range of HR generalist activities, so your business is well-supported across the HR spectrum. Clients are paired with a dedicated HR professional who is able to provide support across each of the following areas:

Let us acquaint your new hires with your company! New hire letters, welcome packages, orientations, and more! Whatever you need to help your new team members ramp up quickly and feel a part of the team. 

Taking time to hear staff concerns, answer questions, and provide resource information to your staff can be crucial to keeping staff happy and engaged. We are that link for your team: we will answer all their employment related questions and more. 

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are key to efficient employee records management. We will keep your data up-to-date and compliant.  Don't have an HRIS? We proudly partner with Bamboo HR, but can help you with any HRIS product.  

Flooded with job applicants and no time to respond, vet, or in some way deal with them? SnapHR to the rescue! We will manage your career portal, looking after job postings, Interview scheduling, prescreening, and communicating with candidates. We are your slick recruiting admin! 

Compliance with employment laws can be confusing, and time consuming, but it's a must do in order to avoid potential fines or lawsuits. We will monitor all your people activities for compliance and help mitigate organizational risk.   

We love processes - and we're really good at documenting them, and making sure they are compliant with applicable employment regulations.  And we can assemble them into a handy employee reference if needed. 


Trusted by SMBs across the US & Canada, including: 


Looking for more strategic, one-time project-based HR support?
Check out our parent-company Tulloch Consulting.

We provide strategic and project-based HR expertise including:

HR Audits, Engagement & Culture, EDI, Compensation Benchmarking, and Targeted Recruitment Campaigns


Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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