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About Us 

SnapHR is a subsidiary of Tulloch Consulting, an HR firm that provides strategic HR services aimed at helping organizations build strong people practices from which they can scale. Tulloch Consulting has been around since 2013, successfully providing HR Consulting and support services to clients across the US, Canada, and overseas and as we've grown, realized that a focus on true consulting, and term engagements, was the path forward. What we discovered, however, is that many clients - once our initial engagement was complete - continued to want to partner with us on a regular basis to provide ongoing HR support - the tactical side of HR. 


We also discovered that there was an opportunity to serve a market that needed specific long term HR support but on a fractional basis, and at a lower cost than what regular consultants might charge. Hence, SnapHR was born (officially in January 2021). 


The team at SnapHR and Tulloch Consulting are very intertwined which is one of the great benefits of partnering with us.  You have access to a team of HR pros with a wide variety of expertise behind them, and we are able to leverage each others strengths and knowledge when needed.  We are also better equipped to meet sudden increases in our clients' HR needs when they arise simply by pulling in other resources on the team to help out. 


For our team members, it's a great opportunity to work across industries and across borders, and to partner with business owners who are passionate about the company they are building.  For business owners, it's a chance to bring on a fractional HR team member with a whole team behind them.  How much better can it get?  

Call us now and see what a difference we can make!  1-778-378-9397.  

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