The Nitty-Gritty Details 

No Long Term Commitments. Really. 

We run month-to-month, with no long term commitment required.  You simply need to give 30 days notice to terminate your contract with us. 

What happens when we bring a SnapHR Pro on-board? 

We have a standard on-boarding that helps us become more familiar with your company, and you with your new HR team member. We use TeamWork for this, to enhance transparency and encourage collaboration.  

Do I need to pay benefits, or anything else, on top of the weekly rate? 

Not at all! Your flat rate is all inclusive. That's part of the benefit - no worries about paid leave, health benefits, or anything else. No hidden costs (ok, well, we do charge for job postings if you don't have your own job board).  

What happens if I don't use all my weekly hours? Or if I go over? 

If you exceed your weekly hours, there is a flat hourly fee that is charged for every hour over, billed to the minute.  We aren't able to roll over unused hours, however clients will have access to our exclusive library of training videos and other materials that you can use with your staff; training that you don't need to pay for elsewhere. If you find you are not using all of your weekly hours on a regular basis, we can switch you to a lower hourly tier. 

What Happens if I Need More Strategic Work Done? 

That's the benefit of having Tulloch Consulting as Snap-HR's parent company - you have a team of HR strategists at your fingertips! Need help improving your employer brand? Need to revisit your Talent Acquisition strategy? You really have the best of both worlds when you engage with Snap-HR!*

*Please note that a separate agreement with Tulloch Consulting would apply, and is not included in your SnapHR hourly rate.