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Scaling your Business can be Hard - We are Here to Help

Scaling is hard. Business is coming in and you're working 24/7 just to meet your customer's needs, let alone hiring additional staff or addressing existing employee challenges.

There is a great article from 'Score' - 5 Critical Skills to Scaling your Business that highlights the benefits of strategically outsourcing your team. It may be referring to outsourcing specific roles such as Developers when you need additional temporary bandwidth, but it also hits on outsourcing your people needs - HR. At SnapHR, that's exactly what we do!

SnapHR was created to provide growing businesses with fractional HR support so that owners and other leadership team members can focus on the customer and operations. Take recruiting as an example, and consider all the time and effort you spend reviewing resumes, interviewing, and generally keeping up with the pipeline. Hours that could be spent elsewhere: gaining new clients, resolving supplier issues, doing some financial forecasting, attending trade-shows, working on marketing campaigns or new services and products. It could be anything - point is, there is tons of stuff that needs doing and only so many hours in a day; why not outsource what you're not great at and let the pros do it?

Larger organizations usually have the need for a full time HR person on their team, and strategically it often makes sense to have someone in-house. Smaller companies, usually under 30 employees, often don't have that same full-time need but would benefit from flexible part time support that allows them to scale up or down, depending on needs at any given time. At SnapHR we are readily available when you need us, flexible, and act as an integrated part of your remote team.

From a cost perspective, full time in-house HR can be expensive, particularly once benefits are factored in. Outsourcing your HR is based on an hourly rate and that's it: no benefit costs, no vacation costs, no other perks (although our team loves getting kudos for a job well done!)

If fractional HR is something you're considering, let's talk! Book a free consultation to see if SnapHR is the right fit for your business.

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