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HR Services & Pricing

Our services are 'tactical' in nature: they are the ongoing needs that many organizations have when it comes to supporting their people and creating an efficient organization.  


With SnapHR you get the fractional support you need without having to bring on a full time HR person. Simply pick the plan that you think best suits your needs and we look after all your HR activities on that fractional basis. It's as easy as that!     


All of our HR professionals are 'generalists' and as a client, you'll be assigned a specific HR pro that will learn your business and work with you and your team.  And you don't have to worry about vacation absences; when your assigned HR generalist is away, another SnapHR pro can step in to cover the absence.  

The HR foundational areas below are the main areas where we provide support and what you can expect in terms of ongoing services from your HR professional.  


**Please note that we do not provide payroll services

however can help secure payroll and benefit vendors if needed** 

Employee Onboarding 

  • Welcoming of new hires pre-start date and on day one

  • Coordination of all orientation activities

  • Day one orientation participation if needed

  • Oversee all logistics of pre-hire needs ie: requests for system access, company email, swag, creation of employee file, etc.

  • Responding to all new hire questions related to their employment

  • Post orientation check-in with new hire and hiring team in order to tweak any practices if needed


  • Streamlined and consistent onboarding for all new hires

  • One point-of-contact for new hires

  • Decreased ramp up time for new hires as all requirements for onboarding are streamlined and prearranged

Employee Support 

  • Management of generic HR inboxes (ie:,

  • One-point-of-contact for employees for any HR related issue: questions related to entitlements, benefits, work concerns, etc.

  • Regular proactive employee outreach to let them know HR is available, and see how each employee is faring

  • Liaison for employees having issues at work and in need of support either internally or externally

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys 

  • Creation of Employment Verification Letters as needed 


  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction through having one point of contact 

  • Higher level of employee morale via consistent and timely follow up and resolution of issues

HRIS/File Support 

  • Maintenance of your company's HRIS or employee file system (google docs, excel, etc) adding, modifying & deleting employee records 

  • Want to get automated? We support BambooHR and can implement it and roll it out* 

  • Filing of any required employee paperwork, including I9's for US based teams. 


  • Stress-free, worry-free employee record keeping

  • Confidence that employment regulations around employee files is being adhered to

  • Reduction of employer risk around compliance issues


  • Creating effective job postings

  • Posting jobs via your ATS or on our Indeed account*

  • Managing the applicant pipeline: rejecting those that aren't suitable, shortlisting qualified candidates

  • Conducting candidate prescreening interviews*

  • Providing a great candidate experience to help elevate your brand as an employer of choice

  • Drafting of employment offers* and communication with candidates re: job particulars



  • Decrease your time to hire, and increase your chances of landing a great candidate

  • Increase efficiency of your talent pipeline

  • Leverage HR expertise around competencies and skills in assessing applicants

  • Elevate your employer brand through a better candidate experience

HR Metrics & Research 

  • Benchmarking of metrics around employee engagement, time to hire, turnover rates, and other requested measures

  • Research on best practices in any of the HR foundational areas

  • Research on training programs and HR-related vendors such as payroll or benefit provider


  • Access to US & Canadian HR Associations research materials and best practices not available to non-HR professionals 

  • Extensive network of HR professionals who can provide insight on systems and tools they use

Policies & Procedures 

  • Writing of Policies 

  • Creating Employee Handbooks

  • Policy Administration 

    • Ensuring mandatory policies are in place and signed off by staff

    • Including policies and procedures in onboarding of new hires

    • Training / informing staff of policy application as needed

  • Creation of Templates and Forms 


  • Ready knowledge of which policies are mandatory, and how to administer them

  • Streamlining of policy administration and training 



We are here as little, or as much, as you need.

No long-term contracts.

Cancel anytime with 30-days notice. 

Upgrade / Downgrade with 30-days notice. 


Less Than 15 Hours a Month 

Only need a bit of HR support here and there? Smaller team of under 10 employees? This may be the plan for you! 

One flat monthly fee; similar to a retainer, it keeps your HR pro on the team and available when you need them.

$1350 per month 

Our Most Popular!

5 - 10 Hours a Week

For companies who are looking for regular consistent support. Many companies with between 10 and 50 employees find this category is a great fit for their HR needs. 

You can flex up or down in hours, minimum 5 and maximum10 hours weekly.

$75 per hour 

More Than 10  Hours a Week

Is your team expanding at a fairly good pace, and you're struggling to keep up with the recruitment, onboarding, and support that your growing team needs?  Then this is the ideal plan for you.


You could use 11 hours one week, 30 the next, and up to 15 the following week. Minimum billing of 11 hours per week.

$70 per hour 

The Nitty-Gritty Details 

See how our plans work, what happens if you go over your plan hours, and everything else you need to know before you get started. 

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