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How a Virtual HR Team Can Boost Your Company’s Performance

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

You started your own business through sweat, tears, and really hard work. Before you knew it, you had to hire more help as your company began to grow. And now you’ve got several employees working for you, and someone has asked about your HR department.

But...what is HR? I mean, really?

Is it something your business needs? What can it really do for you?

We’re so glad you asked. HR is our speciality, and we’re happy to break it down for you.

What Is HR?

At its core, Human Resources, or HR for short, refers to the people (resources) employed by a company to get work done. Just like you have financial or material resources, you also have ‘human’ resources.

So technically, HR refers to the people that work for you.

In most cases, however, when someone says “HR” what they really mean is HR Management. These are the tasks and work that go along with managing and developing the skills of the employees within an organization. And the people responsible for getting these tasks done work for the HR department.

In essence, HR is the part of your company that helps maintain your employees (your human resource) through management, development, and organization. If you have any employees working for you, then you already have HR, and someone in your company is already dealing with HR management.

What Does HR Management Do for Companies?

There are several areas of business that fall under the HR umbrella. These can include:

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Training & Development

  • Performance Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Labour & Employee Relations

  • Employee Retention (Engagement & Culture)

An HR management team organizes and runs all of these tasks and more. Depending on how big the company is and how many employees there are will determine how many people need to work in the HR department.

HR management makes sure that the people you are hiring are right for the job, works to take care of those people while they are on the job, and helps to keep your employees educated and up-to-date in their field. With an HR team performing all these tasks for a company, performance rates soar and there is less turnover amongst the employees.

Does My Business Need HR?

If you have any employees, then your business needs some kind of HR. This doesn’t have to be a full-time employee dedicated solely to HR tasks, but someone has to make sure that your human resources (just like your financial and material resources) are well taken care of.

Chances are, YOU’VE been acting as your very own HR department up until this point, but things have gotten bigger and it’s time for you to bring in someone else. If you’ve been asking yourself, “What is HR?” and “How can HR improve my business?” then you’ve come to the right place.

SnapHR specializes in ongoing HR management for businesses, for however many hours you need. No team is too big or too small, and valuing your employees through an HR management team is a great way to ensure that your company succeeds with happy workers and a great performance rate.

Ready to see what HR can do for your company? Message us to set up a free consultation and start taking care of your human resources today.

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